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Pendidikan Berbasis Alam: Refleksi Atas Pendidikan Di Qaryah Thayyibah, Kalibening, Kota Salatiga

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Sri Suparwi

Sekolah Tinggi Agam Islam celebrity nudes Negeri (STAIN) Salatiga


The Alternative junior High School (SMP Alternatif) Qaryah Thayyibah (QT) built in Kalibening Village, Salatiga Town, and initiated by Bahrudin is to give the have-not peoples in his village to access inexpensive and qualified education. The learning activities are conducted in one of his neighbors’ house and based upon the community—based learning principles by implementing the following ideas: freedom, unilateral-sideness, participation, need-based curriculum, networking, student-centered evaluation, and self-confidence. In addition, it also applies natural-based learning. The use of naturalenvironment as the learning medium makes students aware of their environment and be able to implement what they have learned out of the theoretical assumptions. The existence of teachers in the school is more as motivators, supporters, and appreciators of students’ work. The learning strategies developed in the school are: 1) Active Learning, 2) Student-centered learning, 3) Progressive curriculum model, 4) Intensive teacher roles, and 5) The availability of learning facilities.

Keywords: History of Alternative Junior High School (SMP Alternatif) Qaryab Thayibah, the development of learning strategies, positove side of  homeschooling.



Starting Point Materi Alam Dalam Pendidikan Islam: Sebuah Upaya Strategis Untuk Membangun Kepedulian Terhadap Kelestarian Lingkungan

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Sekolah Tinggi Agam Islam Negeri (STAIN) cartoon porn vids Salatiga


Education is considered as one of the determinant factors in the whole processes of nation building. This is an absolut necessity that should be met in the long-life of humans to achieve the more humanistic and properous life condition. The interconnection of individual awareness to comprehend the social reality is taken through natural-oriented education. This is headed by habituation taken in pre-school education. In education, environment and science can be facilities for children to self—learn and prospects for developing the implementation of it in the daily life. The study of environment and science should be designed based upon children’s needs, characteristics, and their faculties; The modelling technique is very needed to study both of which. Human beings, animals, vegetations, everythings spread in their surroundings should be the model of their learning. They should be involved to observe the environment with their senses. Therefore, it will be more meaningful. The efficient strategy that can be used to build awareness to environmental preservation is the comprehension about: 1) the environment given by the Al Mighty God to Indonesian peoples is His blessing and gift that should be preserved; 2) vertical and horizontal dimensions should be the facilities to preserve their environment; 3) universe is the important instrument to study; and 4) moral decline influencing the environmental preservation has achieved to the risky level. Therefore, the prediction of the environmental destruction has become global issue. The action to promote environmental destruction - since the life should be returned to the environmental based quality, should be stricted; because there is privatitation and comersialitation of the environment increasing in line with less opportunity of production. In addition, the development of science and technology that has yield the real harvest for the welfare of a lot people makes the ruin of a huge natural resources. Therefore, the development of science and technology should be addressed for the human welfare and Rmr sustaining orientation. The global cooperation should be accomplished to overcome the environmental and social problems for environmental preservation.

Keywords: long-life, modelling, natural preservation



Pembelajaran Berbasis Alam

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Peni Susapti

Sekolah Tinggi Agam Islam Negeri (STAIN) Salatiga


The natural-based learning appreciated well in societies is indicated by the apearance of outbond project everywhere whether this is conducted by schools, education institutions, government offices or private institutions. In Indonesia, outbond which is identical with natural-based learning approach is supported by the availibility of a great deal of natural resources and the appropriate geographical circumstances. However, education holders need to be serious to conduct the natural—based learning. Natural-based learning is a kind of learning processes integrating learning materials and environment. This makes students explore freely and interact immdiately with environment, so this is able to develop students’ knowledge. Using the approach, students will posses a strong attitude to affect other creatures and environment. They become accostomed to and are skillful to interact well with their environment, and are able to survive in any conditions. In addition, together with their teachers, they are able to construct new knowledge that continuosly develops based on their previous experience. The implementation of natural-based learning is not always out of classrooms, but learning resources available outside can be transmitted into the rooms with any models of learning approaches. The process of natural-based learning is a process by which students are the actors and not only the receivers. The range of the process is endless from farming through conflict resolution, from assessment (psychology) through adulthoodness, from skill training through theoretical models. The implementation of namral-based learning should be designed appropriately even though to achieve the ideal learning model is not exactly easy Therefore, there must be anticipative, adaptive, and aplicative curriculum model approprite with students’ needs and with the development of science and technology

Keywords: natural-based learning, outbond, learning approach



Inovasi Pembelajaran Sains Berbasis Alam Dan Lingkungan

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Budiyono Saputro

Sekolah Tinggi Agam Islam Negeri (STAIN) Salatiga


The progress of science and technology requires innovation in education and science learning. Science learning innovations made an effort to improve the quality of education and science learning. Innovation-based science learning environment and natural is one of the alternatives that are made. This is caused by nature and the environment is rich in biodiversity and non bio as a source of learning. In nature-based science learning environment and students can learn science through direct experience. With direct experience of the lesson students will further appreciate the science itself . Therefore the significance of science learning will be achieved. Environmental and natural-based learning is expected to change the paradigm, that school quality is not always expensive. To change this paradigm required a quality education system and affordable, do not rely on expensive props, but refers to the nature and the environment as a source of knowledge. Advantages based learning environment and natural of them is to carry out religious advice because there are some texts that suggest to us to take a lesson from nature. train, sharpen and stimulate the intellectual power to be able to communicate with nature, thus interwoven harmonious relationship between man and nature. Can adapt to the local nature, students will not feel strange by the state of nature in its own country. Variations of learning to avoid saturation of the students studying in the classroom.

Keywords: learning innovation, reienoe, nature and environment



Humanistic Theory of Learning: An Effort Toward Democratic Education

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Sekolah Tinggi Agam Islam Negeri (STAIN) Salatiga


There are several developments of learning theories within learning psychology both clasical and contemporary. The birth of humanistic learning theory belongs to the reaction of the positivist learning theories dominated by and rooted on psychoanalitic psychology bahaviorism, and Gestalt psychology and the less appreciation of individuals’ uniqueness in terms of intelligence, emotion, expectation, ideals, and their backgrounds. Humanistic learning theory emphasizes on the individual needs in learning; thus this is expected to support individuals to get the geatest achievement and to become super humans. Democratically, students are guided to find out their authentic necessities in their learning to get the greatest achievement and are not doctrined and pressured based upon teachers’s needs.

Keywords: humanistic, democratic education, human’s needs



Alam Semesta Sebagai Materi Pendidikan Islam

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Retno Wahyuningsih

Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri (STAIN) Surakarta


The Al Mighty God, Allah SWT creates human beings as the purified and noble creatures and equip them with knowledge and skills to understand the great natural realities. The believers tend to pursue the secret of the universe and the purpose of its creation ended by the awareness of their existence considering the ways to act and to bahave. Even though the realities are clear, there are a lot of peoples who contradict between religion and science, as proposed by orientalits and fanatical missionaries. Unfortunately the idea is followed by a few Muslims who are also to underestimate the role of religion and belief  to arrange the life in the world. The pure belief to the oneness of The Al Mighty God, Allah, is the foundation of Islamic pillar and is the natural tendency possessed by humans. The scientific research will bring about them to the natural realities and make them easily receive and acknowledge His existence. The correct comprehension to the purpose of natural creation will also bring about the easily comprehension of tauhid and the improvement of belief to Him. This is relevant with Islamic education that belongs to part of Islamic religious education in each level of the education whether primary, secondary or higher level.

Keyword: natural, curriculum, education.



Mengubah Sekolah Menjadi Miniatur Kehidupan Natural dan Fun

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Siti Farikhah

Sekolah Tinggi Agam Islam Negeri (STAIN) Salatiga


There are several religiosity-based publie schools today However, this tends to be more additionally new trend but commercially oriented. Accordingly the schools are designed as the field of horse race because students are demanded to know more. They are not demanded to be better but to compete with others. Their achievement must be measured by scores of evaluation not the fundamental changes in their mind set, emotion, and attitude. Therefore, students become oppressed, frustrated and lost their interests.Through fun learning, schools can be changed to be a miniature for not only natural and real, but also beautiful and comfortable life. Thus, learning process ean be perceived as the comfortably real life. This helps children to get pleasure from their pre-growth, and construct positive imagination concerning their life. Natural-based schools can be one of the examples that can be enjoyed by all because they may learn from all. Through this concept, children can be retumed to their natural tendency as the mercy of the universe -rahmatan lil ‘alamin, who grow up together with their environment in the harmonious state.

Keywords: .school, nature, exciting



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